Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day Six- What the Hail

Our first full day in Florence and Mark and Darryl are just hanging around. I’m feeling antsy so I jump on the computer and type in Florence bike rentals. Florence by bike is a pretty far walk from our apartment but to me its worth it, I haven’t been on a bike in a week and this is the perfect time to get one, with a bike I can cover more ground and see more of Florence than I could walking. I set off once again without a map but I have Google maps seared into my mind, I wont get lost. It’s about 13 blocks away. I get there and the people are nice, I pick out a bike and when its time to rent it I am asked for a credit card or a passport to complete the rental. I don’t have either so I tell them Ill be back in a half hour. I walk about a block and it starts to rain. I didn’t think much because it wasn’t a heavy rain and there are overhangs and things I can get some cover everywhere. The rain turns to a frenzied storm about a half a block later. Great I’m still like 12 blocks away. I duck for cover under an overhang by a shop that’s closed and has its metal door down. I’m soaked already and a little cold. I hear a faint clunking sound and am surprised to find that the rain has turned to hail. Hail is fairly common though here. The hail was a good size for how consistent and heavy it was coming down, it was about the size of an American dime. I stood there in the cold for about 10 minutes, about 5 minutes I recorded for you on my phone. After 10 minutes it was still raining I’m getting bored. I was cold and already completely soaked so I decide to make the 12 blocks run to my apartment. My only worry is my phone because I can’t put it in my pockets because they are already saturated and would surely destroy the phone. I cannot take my time and look at the street names either like I did on the way to the store; any stopping and my phone will be ruined. I tuck my phone under my underarms, the only somewhat dry place and run. It was still pouring hard, after a block I couldn’t see from my glasses, I take them off and continue to run. I make it back drenched and safe. The rest of the day was rainy and dreary which is disappointing for the first full day in Florence. Oh well tomorrow Ill get my bike and make up for the lost day.

Common View the last 3 days in Florence:

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