Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day Four- Lazy Lasagna

Day four started with a pretty bad headache…needless to say what we had been up to. I am awoken by my rooms phone ringing, its Mark and Breakfast is way over with…Today is going to be a Lazy day. We head to the Dorsoduro for a quick brunch. Lasagna was a good choice for a hangover. We decide to check out the Biennale after brunch. The Chinese Pavilion was close by so we elect to head here. When you get to the Pavilion you walk into a walled in Garden, every tree and branch in sight hung beautiful White wired decorations. Man was the art awesome there, I was very impressed. The Chinese Pavilion was my new favorite and I even saw one of the artists there. Since one of the artists was there Darryl thought that a group of Chinese people that were sitting down in the garden might be the other 4 of the five artist exhibited there. It became apparent that none of them could speak English but it was funny watching Darryl try to have a conversation that was very unsuccessful that went on for about 5 minutes. After a day of more art and photography we retire for they hotel for a short nap. Its our last day in Venice and I don’t feel like napping so I go out exploring more. After another few hours of exploring its time for dinner at Vino Vino. Vino means Wine in Italian. A Suiting name, It’s the last night in Venice…Cheers 


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