Friday, May 27, 2011

Day Five- Leaving Venice

Today we are leaving Venice, I’m sad because I really liked this city a lot. We are all awake and packed and out of the hotel by 11:30. We are meeting a water taxi that will take us to the train station. We stand at the dock for about 10 minutes until a boat pulls up and docks. The Boat is a merchant boat and is loaded with all sorts of food and drinks…definitely not our water taxi. We hear the approach of an engine, but the merchant boat is still docked and in out way. No problem though the venetians are used to the jam-packed canals. The water taxi docks to the merchant ship and we crawl with 200lbs of luggage over the merchant ship and onto our water taxi. The next obstacle is making our way through the mass of gondolas, which are stupid tourist boats that float around the canals aimlessly propelled by a gondolier. We make it to the Grand Canal and its full speed to the train station. At the train station we get on the train and it’s a two-hour ride to Florence. The train was pleasant and soon we are in Florence. In Florence we hail a cab that takes us to our apartment. The apartment is and has a stairwell that takes us to the roof, which overlooks Florence. Once there Darryl blasts all the AC and we soon discover the room has an electrical problem because it goes out every 15 minutes and we have to run down 3 flights of stairs to flip the breaker. I’m not physic but this room cannot handle our electrical needs and this is not going to bode well with someone who likes its at 69 degrees. 

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